Training in Portugal

Today marks two months that I have been training in Portugal with Olympian Daniel Pinto at his incredible facility, DP Dressage in Sobral de Monte Agraco. Daniel is an amazing trainer, and I am so grateful to be here. His system stays very classically correct, and all of the horses stay happy and relaxed in their work. With my young horse, Jaguar da Quebrada, we have spent the time slowly developing his muscles and building a solid foundation in riding. He has already made huge progress, and I look forward to the next six months of development. With Falero, we have worked on establishing better balance and self-carriage so that he can perform the exercises with greater lightness and harmony. Last weekend I was able to participate with Falero in my first clinic with Kyra Kyrklund. Daniel is a long-time student of Kyra, and we are fortunate to have her visit his stable many times in the year. I am truly honored to be working with two such masters, and I know I have learned a tremendous amount. My plan is to prepare Falero for PSG/I-1 national competition and then move to CDIs. Although I miss my friends and family in America, I know this is absolutely the right choice to improve my riding and training career. I have already had several visitors from America, and I am always happy to see a friendly face! If you are traveling in Europe (or have always dreamed to) please give a shout! We are only 30 minutes from Lisbon airport. I am also exposed to an incredible quality of Lusitano (and some Spanish) horses here, so if you are in the market, please reach out. Although buying a horse from Europe can seem daunting, it really is not--and I can be there to help with every step of the process!